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World Peace Society
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World Peace Society

World Peace Society offers new directions to alleviate some of the world's most troubling problems.

  • To create a more just society is a theme that runs through all our writings.

  • Our unique peace plan can help prevent wars between nations.

  • We teach young people essential values that will be the foundation for their education and make them better human beings.

  • We believe some of our songs could deter drug abuse and contribute to the reduction of crime.

  • More prosperity for all is an often discussed subject, but we look for real ways to make it happen.
Many of our writings, poems, and songs further elaborate our ideas and implement our objectives. We not only want to state our specific ideas in very clear understandable language, but also wish to express them in every art form possible so that people can feel them emotionally as well as intellectually. We have already produced them in prose, poem, and song. But we also have in mind to present them in drama, dance, paintings, and any other art form we can.

Though we call for governments to follow some of our plans, we are not political. We are also not religious, but we are humanistic. In fact, some could even say we are spiritual. Most of our ideas and programs are based on the application of basic human values.

For thousands of years we have heard talk of peace on earth, but wars and crimes against humanity are still committed. Isn't it time that new plans and ideas are looked at seriously by all who truly want a better world. - You can make it happen.


Koji Kobayashi - Hiroshima Survivor and enthusiastic activist for World Peace. He courageously expends tireless and persistent effort to achieve a more peaceful world and believes the use of nuclear attacks against any human beings is an atrocity the world must avoid.

Honorary Directors believe in our mission and may or may not participate in our our many plans and projects.

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